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This week, I attended the open day at Warrington Hospital’s new Midwife Led Unit. I had a walk around the facilities and met some of the fantastic midwives working there. The two pool rooms were just beautiful, so tranquil and calming, dark lighting, tea lights, music and a lush deep pool all add to the inviting environment. Study’s have shown that having a more ‘home like’ birth environment has beneficial effects on labour, and these rooms certainly create the feel of home from home.

The three active birth rooms appear huge, with mats on the floor, space, subtle lighting and some powerful sankalpa (affirmation / intention) on the wall. The main thing that came across to me on the new unit was that timage2 suitehe care here was women centred and that women’s choice would be respected. There is a lovely feel that the people who work here really care about the experiences of women while giving safe, evidence based care. This is great for those women who are hoping to have a natural birth because they already understand their needs.

The unit offers a variety of pain relief options, as well as tools like aromatherapy and birth balls to help with your preferred birthing technique. This birth centre is an option for low-risk women and there is a specialist midwifery team.

I look forward to hearing about my students experiences in this environment. Please share your thoughts.

It’s worth noting that One To One Midwives are not a part of the Midwife Led Unit at Warrington Hospital. They are a separate group as part of the Pregnancy Advice Centre.