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Pregnancy Yoga In Your Third Trimester

One of the common things I get asked is whether pregnancy yoga in your third trimester is safe. Many mums often suffer from anxiety and worries throughout pregnancy, particularly with regards to the later stages and it’s perfectly normal to be asking questions like this.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the body has become a bit more used to carrying a baby but that doesn’t stop all the aches and pains. Particularly during the last month or two, baby grows more in terms of weight and size rather than length, so it’s important to relieve these aches where possible. Prenatal yoga is a great exercise class to help stretch the muscles which in turn can better support your body and protect your bump.

In the later stages of pregnancy though, I would always recommend focusing a lot more time on the mindfulness side of yoga. This is an important activity that helps to relax both the mind and the body, helps you connect with your body and baby, and helps you prepare for when baby arrives. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for your baby is a core priority for any new mum-to-be. So I always do the same with the mums in class. I have created a calm and welcoming support group.

Third trimester yoga for new yogis

You might be a complete beginner to yoga but have come round to your third trimester and feel that you need to be exercising a little more. You’re friends may have recommended yoga for pregnancy to you. Or perhaps you’ve started feeling a lot more back pain now that your baby is getting bigger. Whatever your reason for considering antenatal yoga, I would always recommend exploring it as an option.

The women in my class are at different stages of their pregnancy, so some can do more active poses than others which is absolutely fine. It’s important not to push yourself in order to protect baby. I make sure to accommodate all levels, abilities and stages of pregnancy including those in their third trimester in my yoga sessions.

Whether you’ve practiced yoga before or it’s a brand new concept to you. I will always recommend seeking advice from your local midwife and GP before undertaking any form of exercise during pregnancy so matter what stage you are at.

Mindfulness for pregnant Mums

Mindfulness is all about focusing your attention on the “now”. This focus pays particular attention to focusing on ourselves and the world around us. it is often considered a useful meditation technique to calm the mind and address our thoughts and feelings. We can use the process to help improve our well-being and is often used during yoga and hypnobirthing classes during pregnancy.

As a new mum, both prenatal and postnatal, you can really benefit from practicing mindfulness throughout your pregnancy journey for a number of reasons including:

    • Relaxation
    • Preparing the body for giving birth
    • Preparing mentally for having a baby
    • Reducing fears and anxieties
    • Reducing depression
    • Improving overall mental well-being


The techniques used in mindfulness allow you to be present and experience the present. They allow you to better manage your emotions, and can be used if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed at any time.

The journey into motherhood for a first-time mum can be a scary experience and mindfulness can be an incredibly useful tool, which is why I emphasise it during my pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing classes.

Types of mindfulness for pregnancy

Mindfulness is all about being present and aware and can be used in a number of different ways during pregnancy.

Firstly, simple meditations are a great way to practice mindfulness no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at. You can use a basic five or ten minute meditation to help calm the mind, focus on the body and manage stress and nerves. We can use simple breathing techniques to begin with. As a more advanced student, you can include techniques like visualisation.

Yoga is another practical way for you to practice mindfulness. Yoga for pregnancy utilises yogic poses that can improve positive, reduce aches and pains and stretch the body to prepare for giving birth. As part of this practice, mindfulness can be utilised throughout the poses to concentrate on the body positions, allowing you to connect with your baby.


I generally add meditation to the end of the yoga class to improve mums wellbeing and thought process. Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful tool for expectant mums, particularly if you are thinking about having a natural birth.

Changes are coming


As many of you know I took over the antenatal yoga classes some time ago and will continue to run these as so many of you have become friends and will know that I am passionate about maternal care and hope to be a supportive part of your pregnancy.

I am also very passionate about the benefits of yoga in pregnancy and hope to keep this Stockton Heath class going.  One class will continue to run from August 2018 and this will be on a THURSDAY evening at Stockton Heath Primary School at 7:00pm.  The one class will still run in 6 week terms and will last for 1 hour each week.  There will also be changes to the pricing and the new price will be £7 a class or £45 for 6 weeks. We may be limited on space, so those that pay for the block will always have a space, those that are paying weekly will be able to come in on a first come first to a mat basis 🙂

I understand that this time may not suit everyone, so if you are unable to get to the class but wish to continue your yoga in pregnancy (please do!) then please let me know.

I hope that these changes will bring more positivity to the classes I teach, I am very excited and nervous about the challenges ahead but know that I’m following my Dharma and Im exactly where I am supposed to be. Om Shanti xx


Warrington Midwife Led Unit

image1 pool

This week, I attended the open day at Warrington Hospital’s new Midwife Led Unit. I had a walk around the facilities and met some of the fantastic midwives working there. The two pool rooms were just beautiful, so tranquil and calming, dark lighting, tea lights, music and a lush deep pool all add to the inviting environment. Study’s have shown that having a more ‘home like’ birth environment has beneficial effects on labour, and these rooms certainly create the feel of home from home.

The three active birth rooms appear huge, with mats on the floor, space, subtle lighting and some powerful sankalpa (affirmation / intention) on the wall. The main thing that came across to me on the new unit was that timage2 suitehe care here was women centred and that women’s choice would be respected. There is a lovely feel that the people who work here really care about the experiences of women while giving safe, evidence based care. This is great for those women who are hoping to have a natural birth because they already understand their needs.

The unit offers a variety of pain relief options, as well as tools like aromatherapy and birth balls to help with your preferred birthing technique. This birth centre is an option for low-risk women and there is a specialist midwifery team.

I look forward to hearing about my students experiences in this environment. Please share your thoughts.

It’s worth noting that One To One Midwives are not a part of the Midwife Led Unit at Warrington Hospital. They are a separate group as part of the Pregnancy Advice Centre.

Changes Next Week

Hello all,

Just a quick message to let you know that next weeks class (week 6) will be held on the Friday not the Wednesday. This is due to the school using the hall on Wednesday evening.

Classes will run at the usual time and will be in the small hall (Tabitha from Yoga in Cheshire will be using the large hall).

Its actually lovely doing a class on a Friday night, its a great way to end the week and recharges your batteries for the weekend.  I will remind all in class this week.

Love <3

Ceri x

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