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New Year, New Moon, New You.

Happy New Year!

2016 was a difficult year for many people, across the globe, nationally and personally. The year of the monkey, many people [myself included] became conscious of its trickery. The end of the year saw a new moon, and dependent on how much you take from astronomy, the new year brought us year 1 of a 9 year cycle. I certainly felt a shift, a lightness, a positive step in a forward direction as the year came to a close.

It certainly is a new year for you. The year that you meet your baby. The year that you become a mother, either for the first time or again. Each journey is different, each journey is unique to the mother and the baby that she is growing. Each time a women steps into motherhood, she changes, something is left behind. An energy from the baby that she has nourished, will stay with her always. So as you step into 2017, into this new year, full of positivity and wonder. Rub your rounded belly, and know that the new you that is created this year, is a little bit of them.

I look forward to 2017, and watching you grow.

Namaste xxx


Changes are coming


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    Beautiful 🙂

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