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Pregnancy Yoga During The Third Trimester

One of the common things I get asked is whether pregnancy yoga during the third trimester is safe. Many mums often suffer from anxiety and worries throughout pregnancy, particularly with regards to the later stages and it’s perfectly normal to be asking questions like this.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the body has become a bit more used to carrying a baby but that doesn’t stop all the aches and pains. Particularly during the last month or two, baby grows more in terms of weight and size rather than length, so it’s important to relieve these aches where possible. Prenatal yoga is a great exercise class to help stretch the muscles which in turn can better support your body and protect your bump.

In the later stages of pregnancy though, I would always recommend focusing a lot more time on the mindfulness side of yoga. This is an important activity that helps to relax both the mind and the body, helps you connect with your body and baby, and helps you prepare for when baby arrives. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for your baby is a core priority for any new mum-to-be. So I always do the same with the mums in class. I have created a calm and welcoming support group.

Third trimester yoga for new yogis

You might be a complete beginner to yoga but have come round to your third trimester and feel that you need to be exercising a little more. You’re friends may have recommended yoga for pregnancy to you. Or perhaps you’ve started feeling a lot more back pain now that your baby is getting bigger. Whatever your reason for considering antenatal yoga, I would always recommend exploring it as an option. 

The women in my class are at different stages of their pregnancy, so some can do more active poses than others which is absolutely fine. It’s important not to push yourself in order to protect baby. I make sure to accommodate all levels, abilities and stages of pregnancy including those in their third trimester in my yoga sessions.

Whether you’ve practiced yoga before or it’s a brand new concept to you. I will always recommend seeking advice from your local midwife and GP before undertaking any form of exercise during pregnancy so matter what stage you are at.