Warrington Pregnancy Yoga aims to give Mums a sanctuary each week where they can relax, stretch, breathe and bond with their bump. As well as giving mothers all the benefits of yoga during their pregnancy, we aim to provide antenatal education and relaxation techniques that Mums can bring with them as they birth their baby.

Abi has a passion for empowering others to look after their inner health and wellbeing.  Her work has taken her from creating and holding personal development workshops, to teaching children’s yoga & mindfulness and evolving further into the world of yoga by becoming a pregnancy yoga therapist.

‘Working with ladies throughout this magical journey is truly beautiful, I love creating a space for mums to be, where they can look forward to some well deserved rest and relaxation each week.  The weekly sessions also provide the opportunity for women to come together and share their journey with other ladies who are looking forward to Motherhood, having that support network during the times where so much is changing around you, can really help to keep you feeling safe and secure.’

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